Button power don't shutdown

I realized that since I updated the system to version 20.04 it is not responding when I press the shutdown button on my notebook, even though in the power management in the settings it is to shut down when I press it. When I put it to suspend, he responds, but when I put it off he does nothing

Please report a bug to launchpad

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I don’t have any answer still

Me too. Same problem…

The Button power and the AppMenu doesn’t shutdown. I am using Ubuntu Budgie 22.04.

Any solution?

It is a kernel issue where it doesnt understand your specific hardware.

This technique always worked on my Ubuntu desktops - power button initiates shutdown without prompt.

  • make a file called /etc/acpi/events/power with

sudo nano /etc/acpi/events/power (or use whatever editor you prefer)

and put


inside the file, close it, then

sudo service acpid restart