Budgie misbehaves when I turn it off using power strip in raven

My budgie desktop starts bouncing between a black screen, the login screen and the last active window or desktop, whenever I try to turn it of using power strip in raven or whenever the battery below critical notification comes up… The only way to stop this is to force shut down the laptop using the power key… On turning it on again some icons of the desktop also get misplaced… How to solve this problem???

Sounds like a bug with the linux kernel/systemd for your particular machine.

You could try a shutdown now from a CTRL+ALT+T terminal - see if your PC shutsdown without going through the gnome-settings-daemon/systemd power control routines.

When shutting down using that command or any other normal way it closes with a quick black screen on which one line is written(something blocks, it is to quick to see anything) and the closes down. There is no problem this way…

So if you close via the panel logout/suspend/shutdown applet all works?

BTW - the powerstrip is now deprecated by upstream Solus - they say it will be removed in future versions - so if its just that strip that is causing issues it is unlikely to be resolved. Recommendation is not to use the power strip.

Yeah that works

No the main problem is not with the power strip… it is with the notification closing. It doesn’t even give me a few seconds to fetch the charger…

The way I work is that I have added the battery percentage to the panel - I usually just reconnect when battery gets down to 10-20%

Yeah well not allowing it to happen is another thing, but if the weird thing happens it means there is some problem with my installation… now I am no professional but that is not good…

Well that’s the linux kernel bug I mentioned. If you are only getting a critical notification when you are down to 0% then that’s bad obviously. You will have to ubuntu-bug linux to report the issue. In the interim you have to work around until a kernel solution is made.

Well… Who Knew…

Interesting. Looking on launchpad, that particular kernel for 20.10 has been removed.

So it looks like you were the handful of people who got it in their updates before Canonical decided to stop the rollout. Usually that happens when a kernel is found to be causing lots of issues.

There is a .32 kernel in the proposed repo undergoing testing. That testing period if successful will release that kernel in the next 7 days

OK now the problem has escalated now even if I close the lid it will start with it’s annoying schedule… but this time it will stop after a few seconds and give me a half black screen and a half login screen. I can still enter my password but then even the desktop will get cut into half… Then I have to restart the device so it works…

And now it happens if i leave it vacant for some time

If things are changing without you doing any real changes then this could be a hardware issue … something failing or at least warning signs that things are about to fail.

Well it wasn’t a hardware issue. I installed ubuntuDDE alongside ubuntu and it works fine. Seems like my installation was broken(or somethig)…