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Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 Hangs at shutdown -h now | shutdown -r now | and even > pressing the log out option - Dell Laptop Latitude E series


I am having these three issues with my new budgie 18.04 fresh install. I am attaching the pictures of the output I get when trying shutdown -h now:

Here is the output of shutdown -r now it hangs there for 1min 30s and then start shutting down but hangs and never reboots just like the previous screenshot:

Blockquote A job is running for Session c3 of user jair (24s / 1min 29s)

When I select “Log Out” in the username of the Budgie Desktop, the system enters into a pitch black screen and nothing happens after that, hangs there and I need to press the power button for a few seconds to cold power off.

I have to pieces of software installed besides all the stuff that comes installed in “minimal installation”:

  1. Teamviewer
  2. Nomachine server

Any thoughts will be appreciated.



Did this occur before you installed any software? I.e. I am wondering if it is due to nomachine or team viewer

If it did occur before any software installation then it is highly likely that this is a linux kernel issue. You should report this via this typed into a command line

ubuntu-bug linux