Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.2 Login Loop

After upgrade to Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.2 I have a login loop and Budgie doesn’t start.
I can access with terminal to to logs and write out the journalctl -ae–full command, but I can’t upload here
Please, can you help me to restart my laptop Samsung R60plus?
Thank you

please use paste.ubuntu.com to put the contents of your journalctl command and drop the link here. thanks

Also please clarify from what did you upgrade to 20.04.2 from? Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.5 ?

output.txt (122.5 KB)

Hi, here in attach you can find my journalctl output
I had a 20.04 Budgie, but yesterday I upgrade with livepatch, and after that it doesn’t start GUI, not only Budgie
Please, let me know
Thanks, Gianpiero Ferrando

From the look of things it appears to be a kernel/graphics issue crashing budgie.

I would suggest booting into grub - selecting advanced options and choosing an earlier kernel. That should get you going.

i.e. power on and press and hold the shift key. For some people, repeatedly pressing the escape key may work as well. This should display grub if this is the only OS on the hard-disk. If you are dual booting you obviously see grub anyway.

I’ve just 2 kernel, and, same problem with both
How can I go back to previous kernel?

are you using amdpro graphics drivers? Maybe uninstalling those and using the opensource amd drivers would work better

yes, I found this, and it works for me

Budgie now start correctly. I still have some glitch in graphics, specially in the windows shadows

Hope this can be useful for other users
Bye Gianpiero