Can you explain how install this

… I would like install "conky-manager "
But I think it’s not possible because for this it’s with that “sudo add-apt repository” etc etc the repository free or not free are not accepted in budgie? It’s possible or not , many thanks :innocent:

Hi Jibel.

Which is exactly the ppa you’re trying to enable ?
Once again, as already said elsewhere, Budgie is Ubuntu so you may enable ppa.
If the ppa you target has no available packages for your version of ( whatever flavor of ) Ubuntu, it’s not Budgie ( or else ) 's fault.

As mentioned here « La version 1.10 [ de conky ] est présente dans les dépôts Universe sous Bionic Beaver (18.04) » and it’s still true in 19.10 or 20.04 see here also. Hence no ppa needed for conky, conky-all, conky-std or conky-cli.

Regarding conky-manager on I can’t see there any package for 19.10 or 20.04, latest is 16.04. This project looks dead.
It seems it has been forked into conky-manager2
Only way to install this is by compiling it, following these instructions.

From some quick looking around, it has not had a new build for Ubuntu since 16.04, and the repo has not had a commit for over 3 years. It looks like the project might be stagnant and no longer supported. Your only real option might be to try and compile it. Or try manually downloading the deb file from the PPA. But it may not install due to dependencies.

I see there is a fork over at But that requires a compile.

Ah darn it. I responded from a notification and did not see that @Coeur-Noir had said! :+1:

Sorry i’ts my fault
I have the same trouble for stopped my first post with click on tree points & reply & solution 3 functions … I try it without success :rofl:
Here is what I have in another OS installed , but “obsolete” 14.04 Lts. But now I know It’s not possible for install C.M. in budgie …I thing

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Jibel, did you read both answers from @bashfulrobot and myself ?

conky-manager is an old project, maybe dead. It has no compatible version for newer Ubuntu versions.

There is a fork named conky-manager2 which is maintained. You can install this one by compiling it.

Once again, it’s not Budgie nor Ubuntu’s « fault » if conky-manager can’t be installed the way you used to install it in past Ubuntu versions or in other OS.

The conky-manager2 compiling instructions are quite short and clear, give them a try :wink:

coeur noir,
Yes I see that , I know the reason why ! I read all but my first PB
come from resolved post that all
For conky-manager 2 are not necessary to install it in budgie no
problem :wink:

I have installed CM on Mate 20.04, before on elementary Hera and Debian 10, all on VirtualBox. I’m pretty sure you can do that on ubuntu 20.04. See this, or this

Did you forget about that → ?

It’s from one of PeppermintOS 9 repositories so it’s a bit old - current version of PeppermintOS is 10 and next 11 planned for June will be Ubuntu20.04 based.

For more explanation, see,7121.msg72844.html#msg72844

The second link in @krzysztof’s post suggests the same, with the two packages installed manually.