Cannon Scanner lidl 400

Having problems getting lidl scanner to work on Document Scan, it says that it cannot connect to the scanner. Any advice greatly appreciated.
tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~ scanimage -L [10:01:50.907530] [bjnp] create_broadcast_socket: ERROR - bind socket to local address failed - Address already in use device `pixma:04A91912' is a CANON CanoScan LiDE 400 multi-function peripheral device `escl:' is a ESCL LiDE 400 HTTP flatbed scanner device `escl:' is a HP ENVY 5000 series [03A633] flatbed scanner tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~ sudo apt-get-install simplescan
sudo: apt-get-install: command not found
tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~ suod apt install simplescan bash: suod: command not found tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~ sudo apt install simplescan
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package simplescan
tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~ sudo apt install SimpleScan Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package SimpleScan tuxedodesktop@stevens-desktop:~

Simple Scan is already installed on Ubuntu Budgie. We don’t support Tuxedo OS. I replaced it immediately when I received my tuxedo laptop.

Maybe that’s why I can’t find it on my Tuxedo. Is all I see is Document Scanner, Image Scanner, Scanlight and Xsane

Is your Cannon printing? I’m not an expert, but I do have two PCs. One is a Tuxedo Laptop with “Tuxedo-Ubuntu-Budgie” preinstalled. The other one is my Desk-top PC, with regular Ubuntu Budgie installed by me. They both have the same exact scanner-software. I also had a Cannon Printer/Scanner TS6250 … that wouldn’t install. (I’m giving it to my daughter, who still uses Windows). I bought an HP-Envy 6232 and it installed easily. At “hp’s Developer Portal | Printer”… you can look up which hp printers are compatible (most of them are / some won’t scan) ((((At one point my hp was scanning in Black&White only? I did a high resolution scan and the problem went away. That was 4 months ago.)))) I hope this is helpful… like I said I’m not an expert.

Do look at this Q&A and the answers & comments there-in drivers - Install Canon LiDE 300 / 400 on Ubuntu 18.04 - Ask Ubuntu

grrr… Tuxedo OS is not Ubuntu Budgie !

Sorry if I upset you… Tuxedo installs Ubuntu Budgie on their laptops. They add some wallpapers and tweak a few things to make it run better (more stable) with
their hardware. That’s about it. They also build laptops with Manjaro.

Thanks Germoney, its a scanner only. I have a separate printer which works well. Thanks for your advice.

Trust me … do look at our latest blog. Tuxedo isn’t Ubuntu Budgie given what they have done. As such that is why we cannot support it.

OK fossfreedom. Will do… Tuxedo is basically my back-up PC at this point.

I have to say I really love my Tuxedo Pulse 15 hardware wise but the Tuxedo OS I’m running is somehow odd. Even the latest update sticks with the 5.6 oem kernel.

I’ve using the same Pulse 15 hardware - official UB and UB 21.04 works just fine for what I do from a development point-of-view. Tuxedo OS lasted approx 30 minutes on my hardware when I received it before I wiped it.

tempting but my company installed some stuff (Sophos) already and they won’t do it a 2nd time. So, I fear I have to stick with what I got.