Bye Bye Tuxedo OS..... Hello Budgie!

Tuxedo OS (on my secondary machine) has been acting up lately. For those who don’t know: Tuxedo OS is a spin on Ubuntu Budgie. I had trouble updating. The WebFI thumb-drive (factory reset) wasn’t working either. So I took the plunge, wiped my SSD, and installed Budgie. What a difference! I now have freedom to install Stacer and other apps, that Tuxedo wouldn’t allow. Tuxedo still assembles the best Hardware though… can’t complain about that.



I fully agree with you … and you have done exactly the same myself

Welcome aboard! UB is a great distro…

Rather than repeat myself, here’s a comment I left recently on Reddit regarding UB:

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been running Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and I gotta say, I’ve never run a Linux system that I felt I was more productive using. I develop software, I dabble in video production now and then, I do graphical design, I write… For me, workflow is everything and it helps a great deal when, for example, drag/drop functionality is well supported in a desktop environment. Such wasn’t always the case and not too long ago in a distro far, far away it seemed as though Linux devs were stripping out functionality that they themselves didn’t feel was particularly useful. The Ubuntu Budgie and Budgie desktop devs apparently never subscribed to this way of thinking and as such, Ubuntu Budgie is a truly great distro – especially for those who want to use their system to do more than just act like an over-glorified boom box. Ubuntu Budgie has everything I’ve ever wanted in a distro. It’s stable, it’s seamlessly constructed, it’s attractively designed, it’s configurable, it has great theming, it has a wealth of available software apps, it includes great app defaults (which the devs aren’t prone to replace at the drop of a hat)… In short, it does everything I’d expect a modern Linux distro to do.

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I’m riding the Tuxedo bandwagon as well. :metal:t3:

I bought it bare though and copied my Ubuntu and Manjaro installs from the previous machine onto it, both with Budgie and Gnome.
I haven’t tried Tuxedo OS though. Is it any good? Why couldn’t you install some apps?

Well… I used Tuxedo OS (it came preinstalled on my laptop) for about 1 year, parallel to Ubuntu Budgie on my desktop. It was good, but wouldn’t let me install “Stacer” or “Tor” for example. (I don’t know why?) Anyway… my laptop boots a lot faster now… about 15 seconds… and seems to run smoother too.

I ordered it bare so as to create my own partition setup from the get go.

By the way, Tuxedo has become a KDE patron. Not sure they will stick to Budgie. Sadly.

You were right in your prescient assessment. In the course of the new Ubuntu LTS release, TUXEDO Computers is switching its new TUXEDO_OS from the Budgie Desktop to the KDE Plasma Desktop.

… from my personal point of view - hurray … no more weird budgie OS. I’ll leave the KDE folk to fret about what Tuxedo does to KDE…

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