Viva budgie! viva budgie!

my computers have always been old hand me downs, so it was best to load a light operating system into them, first vector (which i think can run on an abacus) then xubuntu and lubuntu. my present machine is an ancient lenovo/ibm x61 think pad that a friend pulled out of the garbage can of an i.t. professional whose house she cleaned. i put ubuntu budgie into it as it seemed like a viable light operating system. after some time i realized that the original owner had loaded top of the line (for its time) components into the computer and i figured i’d give the standard ubuntu desktop a try. it was fun to finally be able to run a full strength desktop, for a while, but i couldn’t get the screen to blank after being idle for a period of time, some of the keyboard shortcuts wouldn’t work and various pop ups and apps didn’t fit onto the screen, making them very difficult to use. needless to say i’m back to using the budgie desktop, and everything simply works. i just want to say thank you to the people who provide us with a reliable os.


my favourite laptops are the cast offs from work (prepandemic) so I totally hear you! Well done keeping old stuff out of the garbage :slight_smile: