Seeking multifunction printer suggestions

Like the title says, I am seeking multifunction printer suggestions from my fellow Budgie users.

I have for a long time used the big Canon all in one units. But I intend to change that although there are some features I like about them. I am changing because they don’t work real well nor at high function with Ubuntu Budgie. Furthermore the ink has always been expensive and just keeps climbing. I junked one with a clogged print head which I blamed on aftermarket ink. But now I am about to junk another much newer one for the same reason and I am not so sure the aftermarket ink is the issue this time.

Thankfully I don’t print as much as I used to. I could almost get by without the printing. But not completely. It is nice to have around when needed. I also really like that the Canon allows me to scan multiple pages into a single PDF and save it on my computer. I can’t do it in Budgie but I can in Windows.

What kind of machines are you guys using that work well with Ubuntu Budgie?

I’m using a HP Photosmart 6520 - scan wirelessly/or sends via email as well.

The key was the printer cartridges - three individual colours + black means less wastage - and the compatible cartridge prices are reasonable.

My daughter uses a HP OfficeJet 6970 - again no issues with that.

In general I find HP printers work ok with both Ubuntu and Windows - just don’t go for the dirt-cheap models where the cartridge replacement costs more than the printer itself.

This is an argument to actually not go for an inkjet printer. If you don’t print regularly, the ink in the head can dry up within weeks and even if you replace the tanks, you will still have trouble printing. Cleaning the head is done with ink, so you loose ink. Besides that, the whole consumer printing industry is nearly a crminial scene with chips and software to make sure you keep renewing ink, whether the tank is depleted or not.

Inkjets are for people that print regularly (not necessarily people that print a lot, but regularly).
If not, go for laser.

Personally after spending lots of time researching available options 2 years ago, reading reviews in 3 languages, I chose the Brother MFC-L2750DW. Still very happy with it.
I connected it via USB with my Ubuntu Budgie workstation/server and am able to print from my (Android) phone without installing any Google Cloud Print or Brother software :slight_smile:

I’m using a Brother Laserprinter, (B/W only) but the cartridge seems to last the better part of a year, sometimes two. The ink for laser printers aren’t liquid, it’s some sort of black powder, so it doesn’t dry up. I’m routinely printing scripts/designs/school forms and proofing writing projects, and I generally run thru multiple reams of paper before I start to notice it’s running dry. The printer itself was about $130 cdn. The ink cartridge runs about $70-$100 more depending on where you buy it. Inkjets allow for colour, but the inks dry up too quickly, and are too expensive. I had the option to choose a wireless model, but I keep it wired USB, and wirelessly print on the wifi network within my home office to the computer attached to the Brother. (Does that make sense?)

I use a separate Epson scanner, it’s almost a decade old now. The deciding factor for this scanner was that it had a separate frame for scanning photo slides.

the Epson scanner has a driver that is in the Ubuntu App store, the Brother printer uses CUPS and just works.

If anyone ever asks me, I would never recommend an all-in-one, even if your space is at a premium. If one aspect stops working the entire thing is a problem.

Thanks a lot!

I am debating what to do. I might keep the Canon around and boot windows when I need to scan to pdf if can’t figure out what I can get in order to do that with Linux. If so it might make sense to get a laser printer for the occasional print because most of the time that is just black. You can go and get a photo printed no problem anywhere.

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I would recommend Brother printers generally. I have a relatively inexpensive monochrome laser all-in-one (DCP-1610W). I print infrequently, and the toner has lasted me around 2 years.

I personally have never had any issues with any Linux distro I have used it with. I have also been able to scan without any problems.

Good Luck!


I can also second the use of Brother printers. We have two of the same model laser printer (not sure of the model no.) that were purchased maybe four years ago. Been working great.

How did you install the scanner part of it? I have the L2750DW. Printer is recognised but no idea how to find the scanner in Budgie.

Hi Zilexa.

I just download the drivers here:

sudo bash install, and scan using the preinstalled UB Document Scanner.


I have always used HP Deskjet printers (currently 3630) - because there is such good Linux support. Also with the latest OSs (eg 18.04, 20.04) it just works - printing & scanning - with no extra driver install. Also HP-type cartridges are ink & jets all in one - so if the jets get blocked just throw out the cartridge (this has never happened to me). The printer is so cheap that I am prepared to take the risk and use non-HP cartridges at 1/2 the price - with no problem (can recc. a supplier).