Printer commnands

I can not reach my Brother Printer on another machine in my Windows network.
Is there a place to see step by step commands. I have tried everything and it is a no go.
I have Peppermint Linux attached Ubuntu 16.04 32 bit attached. I just can not get things to work on Budgie. Foolish in California. Must be the mountain air.

Only a few models of brother printers are supported in linux

This kind of question would apply to all Ubuntu flavours so my recommendation here is to look at … if your model isn’t covered by and existing thread then I would suggest to create one.

Thanks Dave,

I just cant get the window share to show. I have Ubuntu 32 bit 16.04 working just fine. But I can not get Budgie to give me a command to see through the passwords.

Sorry you will need to explain with examples and pictures of what you are trying. What commands are you using?