Share media, desktop, cups printer between Budgie PCs

I have 1 PC (Intel core i3-8100/16GB) and 1 laptop (core i5), installed Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 on the laptop and upgraded the PC from 19.04 to 19.10. The IP address of the PC is
The PC had a clean 19.04 install. I did not mess with Firewall as I am really still a noob.

Both are on the same network, connected via LAN to 1 router. I also connected both computers directly to each other with 1 ethernet cable and set IP addresses manually. It didn’t change the following:

On the PC, called FujitsuServer:
I enabled Settings > Sharing: Screen Sharing and Media Sharing.
I installed a Brother printer via USB (works fine) and shared it through CUPS.

On the laptop, I can’t access the PC:

  • I can find the printer, but I am unable to print anything.
  • When I go to I expect to see the CUPS webUI of the PC, but it times out.
  • Using Remmina, I can find the vnc server but even when I input the address manually ( it is forever trying to connect.
  • When I open the Files > Network, I see “FujitsuServer” but clicking on it gives me “Connection Refused”.

Am I missing something?
It looks like some kind of security measure on the PC is preventing a connection to be made, although discovery does work (something with Avahi/mdns doing its job).
But I have no clue how to get more information/debug this issue.

Does this help for your vnc issues?

The driver for the printer needs to be installed on all machines. I know, I have this problem a lot. I have a Brother MFC-J491DW. The biggest surprise I’ve had was to find the driver included in OpenMandriva Lx 4.1. Otherwise I’ve had to go through and install it each time.

About vnc …

Since I don’t like vnc at all (and, mostly, often it happens to me to be in need of connecting from home to my job pc - via vpn tunnel - and I’m no more alone in my office, so I’d like my colleague couldn’t see my monitor moving as if I were on my chair) I’ve installed xrdp on every pc, both at home and at job.

First, install xrdp on target pc (you can do it via ssh or locally)
sudo apt install xrdp

then modify /etc/xrdp/ by commenting out last two lines and adding budgie-desktop as last line:
sudo vi /etc/xrdp/ (use nano or gedit if you’re more familiar)
last three lines will be this way:
#test -x /etc/X11/Xsession && exec /etc/X11/Xsession
#exec /bin/sh /etc/X11/Xsession

finally allow rdp through local firewall:
sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp
and give xrdp daemon ssl-certs membership:
sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert

xrdp works on linux as it does on windows, so if you’re already logged in in target pc, you won’t get access from remote pc.



I’ll try, but should it not work out of the box? If vncserver needs to be installed, why have those options in the Settings?

I know there are plenty of other methods for remote desktop and filesharing, I just wanted to figure out how to successfully use the built in options.

not everything in Settings work under budgie - they can be gnome-shell specific. Unfortunately there isnt a way to hide the incompatible options. This problem will disappear eventually when Settings is combined with Budgie Desktop Settings. Basically 95+% work just fine.

I don’t know why your VNC stuff is not working for you - just pointing you towards a potential solution.

Ah that makes sense :slight_smile: thanks I will try.

It works out of the box.
I forgot I had installed AlgoVPN. I strongly recommend anyone who would like a Wireguard VPN based ‘roadwarrior’ Ubuntu server to not use AlgoVPN. It completely messes up IPtables and other system settings and there is no way to reverse it. I started fresh and the integrated desktop and file sharing works out of the box.

File sharing is SMB based. NFS is most likely a much better choice (especially between Linux devices).
Desktop sharing is VNC based which is not as fast as I would expect (within my LAN). It doesn’t seem to be faster than Teamviewer over the internet. xrdp, as suggested by @puffettacicciottella might be faster? I am going to try.

Are you sure those are all required steps for Budgie?
I did that, but when I try to connect, after accepting an SSL message, I get a flickering window, constantly showing this, it doesn’t count the attempts and it does not connect. Tested within my LAN, from Ubuntu Budgie > Ubuntu Budgie (both 19.10), using Remmina to connect.

Does anyone know how to get xrdp working between UB machines?