Screen Sharing in Budgie - outdated and not functional


The screen sharing switch does not work in Budgie and hence no screen sharing is possible. The toggle to switch on screen sharing is disabled.

I have read about Ubuntu 22.04 having RDP as default sharing option. The share settings screen looks very different in some videos about 22.04, but Budgie’s seems the same as old Ubuntu versions.

Anyone else noticing this?

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I have the same issue. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS from the Budgie download section.

I only have Wi-Fi so I am wondering if this migth have something to do with it…

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Doesn’t work for ethernet connection either.

Yeah. The issue is that Canonical made changes within the very last few days before the release that fundamentally changed how ubuntu does sharing… and unfortunately broke sharing in budgie.

Needs more investigating on what to do.

Edit: this is one of the fundamental changes that broke sharing

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For the moment the workaround is pretty simple

run in a terminal

systemctl start --user gnome-remote-desktop

Then in dconf-editor navigate to org.gnome.desktop.remote-desktop.vnc and tick the “enable” key

You will then be able to remmina using VNC to the host


Thank you very much @fossfreedom
Glad to see this is a known issue that will be addressed eventually.

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I think I have a fix for this. I need someone to help test this, first via a test PPA. If this works, then willing to test officially when Canonical asks you to test.

Anyone willing to help out?

If so - please create a launchpad bug report:

ubuntu-bug budgie-control-center

Once done I will give further instructions how to do the initial test.

I am happy to spin up a VM and test this.

I have created a bug report here:

cheers for this. I need to-do a few more tweaks and I’ll update the bug-report when done.

ok - I’ve updated the bug report with the validation tests I think needs to be done.

Please do check carefully - you can edit the description and update the tests/make corrections/more tests

Obviously the install from the proposed repo comes later

the test PPA is

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/vnc
sudo apt upgrade

Once you have completing testing and validated the instructions you can remove and downgrade the packages via

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/vnc
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I updated the bug with my test results. This is my first and I hope that is the right way to post updates from the test.

Screen sharing via VNC seems to be working correctly with the proposed changes.

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Hi @fossfreedom
What would be the ppa to test fix in the package budgie-control-center - 1.0.2-1?

Thats an upload report for kinetic i.e. 22.10

Today i will tidy up the test scenario using your results and then submit the fixes for jammy.

Following the fix and testing, it appears the issue is solved.
Thanks @fossfreedom and others involved.