Remote control of another budgie station :-) EASY QUESTION I KNOW

I will google too but I am looking for the “easiest way” to be able to Remote control the desktop of my 2nd budgie station at home… Just install a new UB to connect to my TV

Tks for your patience LOL Come from the windows world…

Suggestion is to use the inbuilt desktop sharing option together with an easy to use VNC based software such as Remmina

So on your remote computer - menu - desktop sharing

Tick in the headerbar to make Screen Sharing option enabled.

Click on the Screen Sharing button that is now enabled. This will open the Screen Sharing dialog. Again in the headerbar tick the option to enable stuff. Choose “Require a password” and enter a simple password

The dialog will tell you how to connect to the computer - something like vnc://myremotecomputer.local

Then on the Host computer install Remmina and start it from the menu.

Make sure in the headerbar the VNC is chosen from the drop-down. Enter the path “myremotecomputer.local” i.e. the name in the remote computer dialog - you don’t need “vnc://”

This will open a connect and it will ask for a password - enter the password you chose.

A Window will then appear showing your remote desktop - in that window choose the “Preferences” option and choose “Best”. This will give you nice high resolution graphics - since you are on a home network that will be ok.

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Tks for taking time to provide a detailed answer for such a question :slight_smile:

I could have googled and tried 2-5 different tools but preferred to ask my " budgie family" here.

Funny that I have been an IT guy for 20 years (in the Windows World) but need ask the easiest / faster way to simply remote control Budgie TV COMPUTER LOL

Trying to find the option, I dont see it but, presently googling to find why…

OK got it… In Settings, Sharing!