Sharing disabling upon logout

I am trying to enable RDP so I can access my computer remotely but after enabling it in Sharing in the Control Centre and setting it up how I want it the Sharing switches off every time I log out making it impossible to actually use. I’ve tried creating a new user and the same issue happens. If I try to RDP whilst the machine is logged in and it’s enabled the session just disconnects and if I log out RDP switches off again so I’m stuck here. I have a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Budgie installed and RDP works fine with that as long as I log out before trying to connect to it so I’m not sure what the difference is.

There does appear to be an issue with enabling RDP being persistent after logout / reboot. As a workaround, you can try this:

Copy the systemd service to your user directory:
cp /usr/lib/systemd/user/gnome-remote-desktop.service ~/.config/systemd/user/

Edit the service file: ~/.config/systemd/user/gnome-remote-desktop.service

In the [Service] section, there should be the line Restart=always
In the [Install] section, the line should be changed to

The file should look something like this:

Description=GNOME Remote Desktop



Hopefully, after you make these changes, it should remember the settings after logging out or rebooting.

Unfortunately, the way RDP works through Budgie Sharing, you still have to be logged in before it will accept a connection, so you might have to enable autologin to work around this as well.

I should also mention, as I noticed you said that RDP on Pi works different than on your other machine… If you did enable RDP on the Pi using the Pi configuration app instead of through Control Center, they use different methods for RDP (xrdp vs gnome-remote-desktop). We do have a script which can enable the same xrdp method we use on the Pi.