IPhone Screen Mirror in Ubuntu Budgie

Why mirroring? Oh well it is easy to see content when you are on big screen. Mobiles provide a lot of applications and handy.
So I am here to ask for help if you can guide me for the same, please note that wine, playonlinux harmed Ubuntu budgie 18.04.
Thank You.

I guess you could always install app like Anydesk and then connect to the iPhone screen and then use it from your PC.

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Anydesk, Teamviewer both have issues while screen share. Anydesk does not allow you to share more than 30 secs. Teamviewer is like you are trying to connect unsupported devices.

Have you tried to run any VNC software and use that to share screen?

I thought chrome-remote-desktop was available in ios

I don’t know if it is really important feature if someone can really do screen mirroring, but during lockdown spending a lot of time on my laptop. I do not want to keep my mobile screen side to my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:
and honestly when people call me on teams they sometimes share screen which is really small to see in mobile. so I am trying to solve this by doing screen mirroring. I saw that by using wine I can install windows app but damn I failed three times and ended up with installation of whole OS.

Well Wine gives ability to install some windows app’s on Linux. Not all and any windows app’s.

Regarding screen-mirroring, be sure Apple won’t let you do that without paying or using a particular closed source app. https://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector maybe ?

For Android you may use https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/05/scrcpy-rotate-screen-lock or intruders like Airdroid or Teamviewer. Not same purpose but kde-connect and gs-connect seems useful too.

Maybe there are equivalent offers in Apple’s realm around Airplay I guess, I don’t know to be honest, those devices are too expensive and restrictive for me.

okay, that is somewhat looks like a good idea to develop something by my own. :stuck_out_tongue:
actually i did research on this a lot yesterday and found following post which is interesting : https://jonathansblog.co.uk/airplay-from-iphone-or-ipad-to-linux
but I did not find any evidence that it worked for someone, I read the comments which did not give me confidence.