Fractional Scaling - Lock Screen Update?

Hi all -

I currently use fractional scaling on my Budgie laptop with a hi-res display. I understand from a bit of searching that the lock screen is disabled because gnome-screensaver (ie: the lock screen) can’t handle fractional scaling. What I don’t understand yet - is whether there’s actually a project working to correct that? Either an effort to add that functionality to gnome-screensaver itself or an effort to implement a different lock screen within Budgie?

Relatively new to Linux, so apologies if that answer is staring me in the face already! I’m really enjoying Budgie, and on my device the scaling at 150% is perfect for me. I do have concerns about not having the lock screen functionality when in that mode though. Thanks!

No one i am afraid to say is developing gnome-screensaver that debian/ubuntu budgie uses for its lock screen. Keeping it alive is on a “oops it doesnt compile … fix the compilation” basis.

The closest equivalent is upstreams budgie-screensaver. However none of the current devs who maintain that use a distro that supports fractional scaling.

So there is an opportunity here for any budding C language developer…

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