Fractional scaling 125%, but lock screen 200%

When I change Settings>Desktop>Scaling from 100% to 200%, then immediately undo that (via the popup) and change it to 125%, the lock screen is always at 200%. Even after reboots.

This is a bit annoying as it is too large. How can I fix the scaling of the lockscreen?

Sounds like a bug.

ubuntu-bug gnome-screensaver

So if you set to 100% does the lock screen revert back?

Are you saying that any value from 125% to 200% produces a 200% lockscreen? If so the lock screen probably has no clue about the fractional scaling patch and either does 100% or 200%

Yes, 100% does revert back lock screen to 100%.
125% changes lock screen to 125% as well, but after logging out/in or reboot, lock screen becomes 200%.

150% also changes lock screen to 150%, but after relogin or reboot lockscreen is at 200%.

As I said, the screensaver doesn’t understand fractional scaling. So after a reboot it uses the integer scaling rather than the fractional scaling value.

Please raise the bug report.

I should have raised a bug report. With 20.10. it has gotten worse:

Now when you unlock, the screen is blown up (200%) and it seems the visual location of the mouse is not where it actually is. Interacting with my (vertical) panel is impossible. Ctrl+Alt+T does launch Tilix on the panel but I don’t see the window.

The only way out seems to be a hardware button shut down, and then turn on again to reboot :frowning:

Edit: to safely reboot I wait till the system is locked again and then do Ctrl + Alt + F3, login and sudo reboot now.

When you open the terminal please run

nohup budgie-wm --replace &

That will restart the window manager. Does this reset things to be usable?

The output:

[1] 5712 
User@pc:~$ nohup: ignoring input and appending output to 'nohup.out'

And I am still in terminal… when I hit Enter again I get:

[1]+ Exit 1     nohup budgie-wm --replace 

sure - that is what I was expecting. Does the session become usable again?

Sorry I didn’t understand that, how can I get back into the GUI to test that?

Suggest connect it to a keyboard shortcut - when you unlock from the lock screen - do the keyboard shortcut with the budgie-wm command I gave you - this should restart the window manager.

Note I cannot raise a bug report (I tried with gnome-screensaver and also without a package, just ubuntu-bug and following the wizard, selecting ‘display’ and 'resolution` as issue):

odd - do check the version of gnome-screensaver installed.

To be honest - gnome-screensaver is dead - no one is maintaining it. The “new” budgie-screensaver is similarly dead-on-arrival since it is just a rebadged gnome-screensaver.

As mentioned on a separate thread - the only real solution here is to write a native lock screen implementation for budgie-wm.

@zilexa as an aside … but related. What is the difference for you between choosing a 100% scaling but changing the budgie-desktop-setting font text scaling value to 1.25 compared to using a 125% scaling? Is this more workable?

I could try again, but I remember last year (20.04) this leads to text that is too large for text boxes, icons not being scaled etc.

The issue is only with the lock screen. Why does Ubuntu ship with a piece of software that is “dead”?
And how come laptops with similar and even higher res (4K) screens are shipped with Ubuntu, without fractional scaling support on the lock screen?

Ubuntu itself doesnt - it uses GDM as its login manager and its locking ability that is specific to GNOME Shell.

Budgie & Mate uses “dead” software i.e. software that doesn’ have any upstream developers. So any changes are done by willing volunteers. I would dare to suggest most volunteer devs dont have/use 4K screens and/or certainly don’t use fractional scaling.

That’s really too bad.
Ubuntu is a bit more heavy with resources, I looked at Mint but 1) looks dated 2) too Windows7 like.

I really like Budgie but this is annoying as hell. Lot’s of 13/14" laptops these days with 2500x1600 resolution, even old Macbook Pros use that resolution.

I was wondering how Ubuntu can be shipped on those Official Linux laptops with such screens. Now I understand it uses a different login manager. Thanks.

doubtful - those are usually in the pricier end-range of laptops. Consumer laptops are standard res 1920/1024 or lower.

I personally cannot use such small screens - 15 inch minimum for me

I’ve just got my hands on a Macbook Pro - mid 2012 edition - useful for testing installs - but the 800 vertical res precludes any real development use.

As I said - it needs someone with the right flair, motivation and equipment to crack this particular nut … or just disable the lock screen…

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@zilexa I’ve found some related code whilst googling that may help - I’ll give it a quick try and assuming I can get something to build (no promises!) I’ll ping you to try a test PPA version of gnome-screensaver.

Please let me know what version of UB you are currently using so I will know what to target

Thanks! I am on 21.04, fully up to date!

When you see the above package built you can try adding the PPA.

See if it makes any difference - same, worse, better? Try 200% as well as fractional scaling.