Fractional scaling 125%, but lock screen 200%

When I change Settings>Desktop>Scaling from 100% to 200%, then immediately undo that (via the popup) and change it to 125%, the lock screen is always at 200%. Even after reboots.

This is a bit annoying as it is too large. How can I fix the scaling of the lockscreen?

Sounds like a bug.

ubuntu-bug gnome-screensaver

So if you set to 100% does the lock screen revert back?

Are you saying that any value from 125% to 200% produces a 200% lockscreen? If so the lock screen probably has no clue about the fractional scaling patch and either does 100% or 200%

Yes, 100% does revert back lock screen to 100%.
125% changes lock screen to 125% as well, but after logging out/in or reboot, lock screen becomes 200%.

150% also changes lock screen to 150%, but after relogin or reboot lockscreen is at 200%.

As I said, the screensaver doesn’t understand fractional scaling. So after a reboot it uses the integer scaling rather than the fractional scaling value.

Please raise the bug report.