Cannot change alert sound in 19.10

When I open the Sound preferences dialog and select the Sonar sound, I hear the sound played and can close the dialog, but the Drip sound persists through logout and even restart.

Quick update, I just discovered today that the sound did in fact change in one application (Eclipse, trying to backspace in a dialog input when there was no input to backspace) but not in another (Kitty terminal emulator, trying to tab-complete when there are no more tab completions).

« alert » sound is not « login/logout » sound.

Those login/out sounds may be handled by gnome-session-canberra.

What I meant was, after selecting a different alert sound in the OS settings dialog, I expected it to be used by applications immediately. When that didn’t occur, I tried to log out and log back in, because sometimes things are session specific. When that didn’t work, I tried to restart “just because”, and even that didn’t work.

For what I can test here, if I change alert sounds in settings, it’s immediatly used by app’s.

Maybe some app’s use their own set of sounds and not those provided by the underlying environment.

I’ve only found one misbehaving app thus far, the Kitty terminal. Regrettably, its the app I use most often :confused: Maybe this is a Kitty problem. What’s odd is that it’s using the Drip sound that shipped with the OS and not its own bell. Maybe it’s not reading the changed setting. I’ll report back.

maybe this is related?

Potentially, but I’m going to file a bug with Kitty just in case.

Also check what’s installed on your system regarding canberra or libcanberra maybe something’s missing there ?