No sound in 18.04

Fresh install of 18.04. I also have 18.10 installed and sound works there. Sound shows Dummy Output as well as the built in speakers. sudo alsa force-reload and reboot did not work. Nor did sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio sudo apt-get install alsa-base pulseaudio Installed amarok just in case there were drivers missing although there was sound when I first installed. I tried fixing broken packages. I tried creating a new user. Also killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.config/pulse/*



18.04.2 will be released next week that will come with the same kernel as 18.10

I strongly suspect your sound card will then be recognised.

Not too long to wait as I have a working system. I think the problem occurred after the update following the install. I tried to load using an earlier kernel but I got an error message. The original kernel was quite a few short of the current (something like xxxxxx.19 vs xxxxxx.45

I have the same issue since the latest update.
every thing worked fine until the latest updates.
quick fix to load the previous kernel worked, but thats obvious not the best solution :wink: any suggestions?

release 19.10

Please report this to launchpad so that the kernel devs are aware and can resolve your issue.

ubuntu-bug linux

After that continue booting with the previous kernel.

allright, done that.

just installed 18.04.04, and had the same problem.
my workaround was to use hdmi for the monitor, which seems to use the sound of the graphics.
so my monitor has a headphone out and used it to connect my external speakers to.
i wonder if this problem might not come from boards with an hdmi out and sound reverting to it and not the onboard sound card.
my volume control was dummy, but is now hdmi/display port.
go figure.