UB20.04 - after latest upate, HDMI sound not working

running aplay -l

Since I need sound to do my online courses I’m now using the motherboard line-out and not the
NVIDIA Corporation GP106 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)

Just to be clear;

  1. no config, or new s/w was changed/added except for the more than 300MB UB update.
  2. HDMI option IS showing, just no sound output

For my personal desktop use, I truly love this linux distro but obviously not-s-much when this happens.

Tried all the pulseaudio resets and I know about the older issues quite well.

“lspci” output seems like a data-deluge but if needed…let me know if you need more info/output?

Please help!?
Thanks in advance.

Not sure … 300Mb seems like a lot of updates… so maybe kernel, nvidia drivers or pulseaudio updates.

Suggest also ask on askubuntu.com and/or ubuntuforums.org… this is applicable to all ubuntu flavours and can be answered by the wider community

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