Headphones problem Ubuntu Budgie 18.04

Today suddenly my headphones stopped working. it was surprise because everything was working perfectly. After doing a lot of things with my Laptop, following command worked -
alsactl restore -P

Now the sound is coming from both Laptop speakers and Headphone, I did some setting to mute my speaker using “alsamixer”, yeah I put my speaker on mute. Auto mute option is enabled already, but seems not to working.

Now on boot the settings are restored and every time I need to set alsamixer to put my speaker on mute.

any clue how to resolve this issue ?

what laptop hardware?
I had an issue like this a long while ago ringing a bell, have since totally forgotten what the the resolution for my issue was… :grimacing:…keeping half an eye on this thread

is the pulseaudio daemon happy command pulseaudio 2>&1 | sed 1q ?

I have HP pavilion G6