Can't install Bricscad

I couldn’t wait and installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.04. It is fantastic!
However, although I had it running without a problem on Linux Mint 18.3, I can’t install Bricscad 17 from a deb package. It just fast backs to “Install” again.
Can anybody help?

Given that it looks like just a .deb type install I would suggest the software manufacturer needs to update the .deb to support 18.04 - they probably only support 16.04 given that you were using Linux Mint.

Contact the software manufacturer to ask when they will support 18.04

note - from that page it looks like v18.1.16 was released a couple of weeks ago - maybe that is the version you should be using.

But anyway - there is a support link there - suggest request support there since you have obviously purchased their product so they should be able to help you.

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply. I just sent Bricscad a message and asked for a
support. I don’t feel like buying a new version of Bricscad
just to be able to use it on UB. I am sure there is a way for them to fix