Change Panel's Color to be different of the Top application bar

If I want to keep the actual theme but just change the color of “Panels” to not have the same color of Applications’s Top bar, what is the easy way ?



The only way is to use a bit of GTK css trickery.

You can define a local css entry to colour the panel I.e. override any theme.

For example this bit of css changes the transparency … you could adapt this for the panel colour.

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Setting up the panel to TRANSPARENCY " ALWAYS " did the job for me


ah - so you were referring to “transparency” - lol. Your question was about panel colours!

Anyway - yes - you are quite correct - setting transparency to always forces the panel to have a permanent transparency effect.

I was just looking for a way for to make the " top of applications windows" not to be the same colors as Panels colo.

Changing Panels colors could be one way, but the simplest way, that I forgot, was to use the transparency feature.

Tks !!