Chromium won't load

chromium stopped loading last night.
don’t know what happened.
fresh boot, and it still won’t load.
click on it, it shows a few chromium things starting in system monitor, then stops.
i’ve uninstalled and re-installed through the software part.
finally installed firefox to get here to ask.
would like to get it working again.

it was working, then after i closed it i tried to re-open it, and as i stated above.

Probably there is a corrupt profile - this would be stored with the snap - simply removing and reinstalling a snap such as chromium will not clear out the profile since snap data is remembered unless you forcefully remove it.

I’m not familiar enough with chromium to help you create a new profile from the command line

Try running chromium-browser --help or whatever the chromium command is and see what is there.

e.g. in Firefox you would do something like firefox -P to create a new profile (my memory may not have got the exact command line switch correct!)

Alternatively you can forcefully purge chromium before reinstalling i.e.

snap remove --purge chromium-browser 

… or again whatever the snap name is for chromium

Hope the above helps in investigating further.

it was really strange.
it was working, then after closing, refused to open again.
i’m not a command line person familiar with linux.
although exact instruction i take well.
so the line snap remove - - purge(etc) would be a direct one as it is written?
guess i should have made that clear.

Maybe an easier way for testing a new profile for Chromium :

just rename the folder
You may do that from your file explorer, or using command :
mv ~/snap/chromium ~/snap/chromium_bad

Then relaunch chromium. It should start like it was its first time and create a new folder ~/snap/chromium

If no improvement, try relaunch Chromium browser from the terminal, using
snap run chromium
and look for error messages in terminal. The command for launching depends on how you’ve had installed Chromium ( ie. did you use apt install or snap install or software application ).

thank you. i’ll try that.
i just installed firefox and went from there.
think i’ll have to get into another computer too, as this one might be having usb issues.
i’m using a ps2 keyboard and need to change out the mouse everytime it re-boots until it sees it.
i really appreciate your time.
this forum is wonderful in helping us point/click style users in learning and doing things.
that’s why the computer will have only budgie on it too.

for the hell of it i clicked on it and it loaded up properly now.
don’t know what happened.
i noticed my ad blocker wasn’t working right for a while on youtube just before it happened.
oh well.
back to normal for a bit.

and now with a new install on 20.04lts, it’s happened again.
this is a new computer too.
the shortcut in plank finally disappeared after trying to load for a minute or 2.
yet when i click start? and hit it from that short cut, it opos up.
everytime i try and put the shortcut back in plank, it won’t load.
the icon in plank went clear before the last time i shut it down and it stopped loading.
i’m using it fine right now even,
just this strange glitch.

it seems to just go after enough use.
just tonight, i was using it and noticed the icon missing in plank.
while it’s still in use.
so i shut chromium off, and the shortcut is gone again in plank.
i have to restart it from start menu, then re-pin it.
should i post this glitch in another section?
doubt it’s computer related, since i’m not using the same one.

Given the time intervals between you reporting, this corresponds with updates of the chromium snap.

I mentioned this before, there is obviously an issue where the snap is updating and the plank dock thinking that the app has been removed, hence removing the icon.

funny i couldn’t drag it from start back to plank.
i have to start it from start menu, then pin it.
otherwise it does the same thing for the dragged one.
pretends to start, then vanishes. :thinking:

Not enough information to clarify who is the culprit :
⋅ chromium web browser ?
⋅ plank ?
⋅ something else ?

Try launching chromium from terminal.
An app’ launched this way will print in terminal what’s happening and often why it’s unhappy :wink:
Just copy-paste here what’s read in terminal when you launch chromium.
It may look like this :

django@ASGARD:~$ chromium
Gtk-Message: 03:26:39.014: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
[1025500:1025500:0822/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.

Here ↑ it’s from a « working » chromium ( as a snap ) on an Ubuntu Budgie 20.04

thankls man. sorry it’s been a bity.
everythiong is humming along fine.
as long as i start it from the start and repin it each time, it works fine.
it’s happened once more after an update and reboot too.
oddest darn thing.
i guess it’s another feature instead of a bug. :smiley:

Think it might be useful to also use the snap experimental feature to prevent browsers such as chromium refreshing whilst you are using it.

In a terminal:

snap set core experimental.refresh-app-awareness=true

With this setting you will see a normal popup notification indicating that an update is pending waiting for you to (at some time) close the browser and reopen.

thanks. yeah, it’s funny how it just disappears, and can go funny while using it.
but i understand now, and know how to fix it.
not a problem at all now.
just got to learn about the features of linux. :smiley:
and thank you very much.
i appreciate your help.