CoreCtrl breaks system update 22.04

I installed corectrl through the budgie welcome gaming section. The application works, however a system update breaks. I am showing a broken pipe error on deb package /var/cache/apt/archives/libgl1-mesa-dri_22.1.0~rc2+git2204210644.7c75d83842e~j~
mesarc0_amd64.deb. A sudo apt --fix-broken install and a sudo apt-get install -f give the same broken pipe error. I am not sure if this error is due to a miss mash of packages that apt just doesn’t like or if its a error on corectrl’s end. Do I need to perform a system upgrade before I install corectrl and just not worry about an update for awhile, or is there something else that can be done. Thanks everyone for your help

Hello @Brony1984 , thanks for joining our discourse and thanks for reporting this issue .

Corectrl comes from a ppa that also includes updated mesa and graphics drivers. Gererally speaking, we really like this ppa because mesa versions are updated quickly but they are not bleeding edge.
Having said that, 22.04 is very new and it is possible you found a package conflict.

It would be very nice of you, if you could report it directly on launchpad, under corectrl ppa as a bug. If you can do that, please ping us here and link your bug.
I will also test and see if i can reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

Yay my first bug lol. After I posted this i took a look at the corectrl ppa webpage and it looks like the last update was for 21.10. Which if I recall still uses mesa 21 as a graphics driver. But yes I will post this as a bug so that it can be looked at. I guess the ones like me that use the reference 5700xt will have to wait for a bit

Update: I sent a email to the ppa holder on this issue sense the page said send bug reports via email. Hopefully we can get an fix soon

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Ok update time the owner of the ppa told me that i had a failed download of the packages and to perform a sudo apt-get clean. After a full reinstall of the os i added the ppa again and performed a update / upgrade. Same broken pipe error with unmet dependencies on fix broken install. I have emailed the ppa again. It seems that the mesa set that ubuntu ships with and the mesa that ships with the ppa are not cooperating. The only way i have found to get rid of the umet error is to remove the ppa. Sad panda here

Thanks a lot for your effort.

Please let us know if there is any progress on this.
I believe that issues like the one you described are to be expected on a new release. As long as ppa owner acknowledges and is willing to fix, it seems all reasonable.