Developing a KDE Connect applet for budgie

If you are all in to helping out the wider budgie ecosphere - then that KDE Connect applet idea really needs some full time attention.

KDE Connect applet- I’ve heard from it. Should this be integreated in version 19.04?

Sounds like you want to have a closer look at KDE Connect - that would be wonderful news!

Yes - is the best site - with video’s (throughly recommend them) and excellent guides.

EDIT: the applet will be an outside effort initially - but upstream have indicated that they are very definitely interested. So it could be merged with upstream eventually if of good quality.

More than happy to look to make this an installable option for 19.04 - again subject to quality checks etc.

Yes, of course I would like to spend time on KDE Connect!

Okay cool thx for the website nice :wink:

Ah thx for the hint;)

It would be great to make this an installable option for 19.04.

Is the version 19.04 (beta) online?

Ah. Beta for 19.04 will be towards the end of March.

The first dailies will be made available normally sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks. All the Canonical staff are having a rest after the 18.10 efforts!

Ah okay I see :slight_smile:

Okay nice. How can I get started with KDE Connect?

I would suggest first have a look at the exisiting kde connect app indicator which you can install in budgie. You can also look at the new gnome shell extension which you need to run gnome shell with. Once you understand what the capability is have a look at the underlying code and see if you can see how the visual interface is implemented.

Once done then have a look at the budgie connect applet that a dev has begun to implement. See if you can understand how it compiles. Does it install? Can you add it to the panel. See what has been implemented. Marry up what you see with the code. See how it aligns with the appindicator and gnome shell equivalents. Then I would suggest discuss with the existing dev how you would like to help.

Okay I’ll install it on 18.10 and I’ll will start to get started with understanding the code etc.

Ah okay - but it is not necessary to install a 2nd device for “testing”/developing KDE Connect under 18.10?

Some people do I guess, or they use a VM to develop on. I’ve never done anything different from just coding and testing on my main box I use for everyday work. It makes sure everything is tested in ongoing situation under all kinds of circumstances.

Yep VM would be the best way or maybe 2nd device. But you didn’t use your main box for coding or testing? Or do you use a 2nd device.

Always use my own daily box(es) and laptop for coding and testing. It makes sure my testing is in real life situation and on a long run, includes restarts, log out/in and everything an applet should behave well on.

Ah okay I see. But wouldn’t it be risky if something breaks on the current system?

The worst I’ve had is I had to reset dconf if something is really screwed up. Data loss due to errors is practically impossible.

okay thx :slight_smile: Going straight forward :slight_smile: