Hey guys! Have some issues

First off i installed tomboy note, It doesn’t start it just tries to open for a while then after that nothing happens. Anyone know a good simple note program that has some good features that I can use?
Also, I just wanted to ask about something called “extentions” i downloaded from budgie applications, the extention program say that I am not logged in to Gnome? How do i log into that?

GNOME Shell extensions only work for the desktop environment called GNOME Shell.

They do not work on the budgie-desktop.

For budgie desktop there are various “applets” - just look in your menu - budgie applets.

Ok, just installed some applets too. I downloaded the CPU and RAM applet but how do i activate it? It doesnt show on top of the screeen, perhaps I need to relog into the user?

You logout and login and add the installed applet to your panel via budgie-desktop-settings - panel

Hi there!
I was just wondering, what applets do you use?
Also, can I download additional applets, do you have any to recommend?
Thanks for the reply mate

I use them all, but not at the same time :slight_smile:
Additional applets via Menu -> Budgie Applets: