Document and document folder disappeared

well, this was frustrating.
i was saving a document in office writer.
so i went to close it, it asked to save the changes, it closed, my document disappeared, and the whole document folder disappeared too.
any way i can retrieve it?

I’d be guessing here: Maybe you changed the name of the folder by accident? Turn on the hidden folders (super + h) maybe you’ve hidden it by accident by inadvertently putting a period in front of the folder name?

  • Documents vs .Documents (the addition of the period hides folders from view)

If you actually deleted it, the Documents folder might still be in the trash? That sounds super scary!

nope. just saved some changes to a document.
hit save changes, and the document and the folder disappeared.

not that advanced. what’s a super?

hrmwrm, sorry: not trying to lay blame or point fingers. You have a problem and asked for help. I have sausage fingers and routinely (inadvertently) press unintended keys on the keyboard
The Super key has a drawing of the Windows logo and you find it next to the space bar. Sometimes it’s the Command squirrelly button on a mac keyboard.

You navigate to Home, where ALL the folders live: Music, Videos, Downloads: Press the Super key and the h key (next to the g) together, and it reveals hidden folders. My suggestion is that you have accidentally added a period to the front of the Documents folder name. If the Documents folder IS there, you can rename the folder, removing the period and press the Combination Super plus h keys to put everything away again.

sorry for not returning sooner.
ji navigated to my home folder, and all super h does is minmize the window.

i’ve noticed software that creates folders in home i can’t see. so i make my own and repoint the software.
i rarely use amule, but i noticed the holding folder for it has disappeared too.
so something is flaky in the os in my system.

is there another way to show hidden files?
i’m seriously newb about linux.
but it works fine, and with instruction i can use this.
as a desktop i’ve had to do little so far over the couple years i’ve used it now.

seems every new iteration changes something from the previous one.
like installing amule in it. it’s not available directly.
because it has glitches in this version.
but i don’t thionk it’s what’s causing my folder problem.
i haven’t used it in months.

oh well.
using 20.04.3 lts

Control H
Not Super H, sorry…

[ Ctrl ] + [ H ]

Sounds like LibreOffice Writer.

Is this the one installed by default or something you may have installed manually in snap package format ?

For knowing how it’s installed, issue in a terminal :

snap list --all               # this will show all snap installed
dpkg -l | grep libreoffice    # this will show all .deb packages related to libreoffice

yep. you got it right from the start. i guess i should mention more things at the time of asking.
it is installed in 20.04 by default.

that works thumbs up emoji
no document folder there.
fortunately, what i was saving was the only thing in it.

And so, did you find back your file ? Or is it still « disappeared » ?

sorry, i edited my reply.
it’s still gone.

Please issue in terminal :

find ~ ! -user $USER

to check if rights and permissions in your personal folder are correct.

When everything’s ok, the command returns nothing.
Else, show us what it answers.

And also

ls -l ~

to see what’s inside your personal folder.
Here should show folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures and so on.

returns nothing.
shows the same folders i see in home.
including ones i’ve made.
so everything is normal and libre office writer deleted the file and folder.
wasn’t important. and nothing else was yet in the folder.
still wondering what happened to my other amule folder though.
you have a temp for parts, and a finish folder.
finished disappeared.
but now i can see the hidden folders, maybe i’ll use the default.
funny what you don’t learn until you need it. like seeing hidden files. :slight_smile:

…if LibreOffice does not save files or deletes folders then it’s not normal :wink:

Do you have many discs / many partitions in your machine ?

lsblk -fe7,11 -o +size
cat /etc/fstab

nope. one 2tb hdd all one partition.
so it didn’t just blink to a new place. :slight_smile:
it’s been behaving while i saved a few files to desktop.

so, yeah, i don’t know what i did.
i saved it as, and then was asked to save on a popup hit save, and goodbye.

Ok, ok… but please issue the proposed commands, and show their result here.

At least that one :

find ~ ! -user $USER

sorry it’s been a bit.
just drops a line, and waits for the next command. :slight_smile:
thanks for all you’ve done.
sure it’s quite gone now…
i’ll just have to make a new documents folder.

and i think i figured out my amule file. amule probably deleted it itself.
i finally started it up, had it crash, and it deleted stuff again.
so, i think it was a glitch in office too, in that i shouldn’t have clicked on the second one, and wondered why it asked twice.

i’m figuring out the little glitches of things.
amule is glitchy with 20.04, which is why it’s not available for normal installation.
and chrome in dock disappears every snap update.
but that’s normal i learned.
although the office thing only happened once.
i have written other pieces and saved them without losing them.

well, thanks for all the help.
i learn from this.
i didn’t know how to bring up hidden files til now. :rofl:
now they are always showing, so it’s toggled by the ctrl/h, and not just session.
a person could forget how to do it by the time they needed it again. :slight_smile:

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