How to stop creating folders and files automatically

A while ago, I downloaded some albums from some bands and singers, the problem was later. After a while in the music folder, it appears that they automatically created folders with .file files (both folders and files have random names with letters and numbers), and in the music folder there is only one file named index.dat. Whenever I delete these folders and this file, after a while they come back. I recently noticed that when I deleted the folders it crashes the system so much that I had to reboot to be able to use it again.
How do I solve this?

Guessing those must be created by whatever music software you are using.

I don’t understand what do you mean

You mentioned the Music folder. Logically the only thing that would use the Music folder and its contents is music software.

There isnt anything else that I can think of that would look inside the Music folder. You will need to look yourself at what software you have installed and what is running at any moment.

Use ps -ef to see what processes are running when you notice thinks being changed in the Music folder. It will help you narrow down what is the software that is causing your issue.

It isnt anything that is installed by default Ubuntu Budgie that would cause this.

The problem is not the music player, I replaced it with the system default and erased all its tracks and yet it continues to recreate these folders and the index.dat file

This process seems to be multiplying more and more:

This is the discription of him
Captura de tela de 2020-01-11 00-06-27

a .file extension is a windows generic file extension. Could that ring a bell in any way?

I don’t have any program installed from windows by wine, I just execute the files by terminal in files. These files are not installable, and I don’t know how the single wine can do this if I just use it to execute this files .exe to play games

I continue with this problem

Chiming in my 2 cents :slight_smile:

xprop is related to the X server.

The xprop utility is for displaying window and font properties in an X
server. One window or font is selected using the command line argu‐
ments or possibly in the case of a window, by clicking on the desired
window. A list of properties is then given, possibly with formatting

Guessing: something is trying to create a window, errors out and tries again without cleaning up the previous thread. So do you see anything in /var/log/ appearing in the last written file when these xprop appear? Find that file with:

ls -ltr /var/log/*


tail -n 100 {file}

to list the last 100 recorded messages.

Regarding 1 of the lines in your image: 465is the process id. This will show anything related to 465:

ps -ef | grep 465

(adjust the number to a newer one)

Things also to consider:

  • services
  • startup applications
  • 1 of the 3 crons (/etc/cron.d crontab -l and /etc/crontab)

Assuming you are correct about the music application try a

grep {musicplayer} *

and see if something pops up.

Another method:

Refresh the locate command with:

sudo locatedb

and then do

locate {musicplayer}

and see if that show something. You might want to do this one 1st (it is the easiest one to do).