What about the UB desktop allows one program to function smoothly?

Ubuntu 20.04 – program: ‘MuseScore’ (music notation & audio rendering). Two versions of MS (3.6.2 and development 3.7) have A MENU POPUP window that FREEZES for upwards of 100 seconds (!!) before painting. Even then, in that particular window, changing in-window values can elicit the same 100 second delay responding. This happens in XFCE4, MATE, KDE/Plasma. It does NOT happen in Budgie DE. I’m trying my best to understand WHY this is the case. Any ideas? Appreciated.

Don’t know about these versions, but the flatpak from their site (4.01) works fine on all boxes I run it on.

Hello… Flatpack? I didn’t know that container was offered, just AppImage and I think install versions of the PGM. I haven’t tested 4.x because I feel it’s too young. Aside: do you have scores posted to the .COM repository? Greetings.

I have hundreds of scores, but have no account on the repository, but I know there are pretty good ones among them :slight_smile:
4.01 is really working totally stable here, and as a nice new look, compared to the previous ones. The .deb is really way too old.

Are you running 4.x under a Budgie DE? Personally, I see potential in MS4.x, but will wait until at least 4.2 or something comes out. “Hundreds of scores”… and none on the .COM repository? Seems most people who create scores upload them for public availability. FWIW, my .COM profile is under “Are Jayem”. Thanks.

Ah, thanks. Yeah, I had an account once when it was free. Then had my credit card expire, need to renew.

One more question. Do Budgie Desktop developers scan this Discourse forum?

Budgie desktop developers - Ubuntu Budgie developers take part in, so we are reading discourse. I am not sure about Buddies of Budgie crew. probably at least less frequent.

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To be clear, I’m mostly looking for guidance how I can troubleshoot this issue. Though if a developer can ask for more system info, I’m willing to work through your suggestions. I believe I have determined that the MuseScore program brings in with it a number of Qt libraries, yet also references system libraries. I used the ‘ldd’ system command to find this data. Thanks.

If the flatpak works perfectly, I’d say use the flatpak. Probably not worth finding out how and what if we can simply run the alternative. Would no doubt be an exhaustive job that is not ours.
You could file a bug at musescore if you’d prefer that. Bug reports and Feature requests | MuseScore

I think you’re suggesting I use the Flatpak system to install, then try that installation in the environments OTHER THAN Budgie, to see if the program works. I see only MS4.0.1 available via Flatpak. I posted a question on the FlatHub asking how I can find MS3.6.2 via Flatpak. I trust Flatpak and the standard Ubuntu ‘apt’ will not be in conflict when installing programs? Thanks.