Donations using Paypal?

Since I’ve been on Budgie for a year now… having a good (and stable) experience. I’m thinking of donating to your Project. Unfortunately, the Paypal Button is not working? Maybe someone there can look into it? Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the report. Very much appreciated.

Just for info, the website has undergone a tech refresh over the last few days … so we are ironing out these buglets.

@GrindamN this is specifically the donate PayPal page link. Patreon works.

@Germoney the PayPal tips at the bottom of the downloads page should work as well.

Thanks for the report. This has been fixed :slight_smile:


If I buy a Budgie T-shirt or Coffee Mug over at Zazzle… does Budgie get a percentage and how much?

The percentage for anything bought on Zazzle is 10% to the project

To ensure we receive the recognition requires the link provided on our website