Just a suggestion - when someone helps you with Budgie

Hi there Im a programmer of old. Often we do stuff for free to help others. But there are always costs involved. I urge you for the good of this excellent service the folks at Budgie provide; if they fix something for you just donate at least few dollars for a beer or something.
You can donate HERE
I dont have any affiliation with Budgie, in fact admin might not want me to post this so if so, please take it down.


ah well - many thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated!

But just to assure folks - all donations are used for the good of the project. Certainly not beer.

We are very transparent with what we use all your donations for - look out for our end of year (April) report on how much was raised, how much was spent and on what.

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I agree! Budgie team is amazing and deserver all donation possible.

I wish I have a lot of money to donate right now hahaha

Well, OK but I put my donations into beer.

If I can get hibernate working properly *then will I donate!

Can I use donations to bribe someone to add something to Budgie that I really would like to have? :smiley:
If so how far would say 50 beers (I am assuming 2 euro per beer) get me.

I’m not sure you really would like the quality of the code output after 50 beers…

Beer comes after coding :=)

I am all ears :slight_smile:
Also without the beers -of course- :slight_smile:

@vlijm “P.S. ik zal vanavond of morgenochtend even een recht-toe-recht-aan applet zoeken als kapstok.”

Ah, sorry, sorry. Zal vanavond even kijken!

Apparently, the US government can’t hire all the best hackers because most of them smoke weed.

Not forgetting it! It is however getting a bit late tonight/today…

this one should work to play around with a bit: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/experimental/tree/master/development_only/templates/template Let me know if you need help!

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Hmm cool :slight_smile: but that is for making a panel(?)

I’ll make a topic on what I was thinking about. I probably was not clear enough. And fossy loves images so I’ll paint something together :smiley:

Nono! This is an applet template!

That does not bode well :X you already lost me.

Hi all just did my first donate to Budgie. Great desktop i’m impressed by the simplicity yet the power of ubuntu ecosystem behind it. I’m distrohopping now and then though my main machine runs Fedora. I got budgie installed in my spare laptop Thinkpad E590. It can do dual monitor setup. Also installed Fedora 31 in KVM to use around if i need fedora/centos based things. I love to contribute though donation seems to be the easiest, just give money done, lol! I’m learning bash and python and all things Linux on the side in my spare time. My day job is not coding/development btw but in plant construction yet i love linux been using it since early 2000 so im old school, lol. Give me a shout how i can help and i try to find time. Keep up the good work. I heard the interview of bashfulrobot in a podcast and its a fantastic listen. Good job to all the team.

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Hi Im using same notebook. Amazing boot speed Im finding below 15 sec from grub menu to everything locked and loaded.

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