Patreon and Paypal - other methods?

I was formerly donating via Patreon to support the Ubuntu Budgie team, but have since deleted my Patreon account due to their their business policies. Outside of those two methods, is there any other method available to donate to the team? I want to continue to support you all.

I presume you are referring to donations. Those are the two means we use because they are the simplest and most cost effective.

Paypal similarly has the ability to set-up monthly regular payments.

Outside financials - there are lots of ways to contribute & support

  • helping out here
  • bug triaging
  • bug fixing
  • development activities - budgie-welcome/budgie-plugins/budgie-desktop

Clicking on the “Development” link in the header here will take you to all the areas that we are working on/need help with.

Please give more details…

The deplatforming of people who don’t agree with their ideology. I could provide links but I don’t think this is the place for that (just search for ‘patreon purge’ and you’ll find what you need). I only wanted to ask for other ways to donate (financially) to the Ubuntu Budgie team outside of patreon and paypal, both of which I refuse to give my business.

What other platforms would you consider?

Good question really. I know some people are moving to SubscribeStar. They recently dropped paypal as well. Other than that, I know that other platforms are currently being worked on but aren’t released yet. I’ll let you know when they are available for you guys to consider.

I know, and, I think only teaming is in English.
I thought they were addressing super conservative people :roll_eyes: