Just a suggestion - when someone helps you with Budgie

Rinzwind…and let me know where you can get a beer for €2 please!

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Belgium, France, Germany, well in most European countries I guess.

2€ is the cost price for 33cl in shop, not in bar, though. Even less for industrial brands.

@Coeur-Noir Jupiler? I’m a Brit so we drink pints - £4 or €4.70 would be reasonable - and I prefer to drink in company so that’s pub prices for good quality beer. I’d better shut up now though, as this is getting seriously off-topic.

We have lots of places that serve 0.2cl for 2 euro.

@Rinzwind Which is £4.80 a pint! Nee dank u.

A lot of beer discussion, etc lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Making a thread called Beer in Off Topic would be awesome

Ubuntu Beer - ‘the OS when you need something great and refreshing’