Evolution Indicator not in Raven

I have installed the Evlotuion indicator. Unfortunately, I cannot integrate it anywhere. Can someone help me there?

Think you mean the budgie panel.

What is the evolution indicator? please can you point me towards the project?

If its an appindicator - do make sure you have the appindicator applet added to your panel. All application indicators appear where you position the appindicator applet

It is an GNOME panel indicator applet for Evolution

And where is the project?

If this is a gnome shell extension then that only works in gnome-shell

I don’tknow


right - so its an app indicator.

Have you started this via the terminal? Any errors reported when you do run it via the terminal?

That is my problem . Wich file?

Looking at the project commits guessing none of them - the code hasnt been touched for 8 years and certainly not to latest application indicator standard and was last working against evolution 3.4

Yes, I have seen.
Thank you for your help