AppIndicator Applet won't scale icons on top panel

I have a problem with AppIndicatior icons. When i try to change top panel size to value below 39, the program icons in AppIndicator Applet won’t scale down to proper size. This causes the top panel also does not change its size (but only visually). However, the system recognizes panel size change correctly and the program windows adopt to it. This couses some visual glithes like: program window located under top panel. I tried do remove top panel and add new one but this does not solve the problem. When i remove AppIndicator applet everything goes back to normal.
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Correct. The minimum size of appindicator icons is 22px. Certain themes include a padding around the indicator. The slim themes removes or reduces that padding.

So choose an appropriate theme. The applet though will not resize icons as currently designed.

Pull requests are required to potentially change this behaviour.

Thanks for an answer.
This happens on every theme (including compact, slim etc.) with panel size value below 38.
I will create pull request. It seems that appindicator prevents panel from proper resizing.

This weird behavior with height of panel and size of icons inside panel is not new.

I think I already mentioned it here and on solus github.
( well it was in the other way round but )

Also note sometimes app’s don’t provide 22px icon and therefore look weird when in panel.

I’m playing with some ideas on this branch - it doesn’t work just yet - but the principal behind the changes should be the way to go for this.

Think I’ve got something worth testing. Anyone wants to help? Let me know what UB version you are using. First come - first served.

count me in. I’m on UB 19.04

sudo add-apt-repostory ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-indicator
sudo apt upgrade

Once finished testing to revert to the normal repo version of budgie-indicator-applet, purge the PPA

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-indicator
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After installing indicator update the icons (and the panel) are scaling down properly to the 30px panel size. Indicator icons (as well as top panel) do not resize below this value. As far as I’m concerned, the panel under 30px is too small, so I will probably never set such a small value.
Many thanks for the update. It works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

This has now been uploaded to 19.10 ready for release in October.

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