Budgie Top Panel icon size

Would it be possible to add a feature to scale the icons in the top panel? The icons in the top panel is very small by default, so I would like to be able to increase their size. Setting the desktop size to 200% is not an option for me as everything gets too big unfortuately.

Very similar topic. Same answer I would suggest

Maybe the better question is if this feature is being planned? Or could I perhaps add it to a wish list.

When fractional scaling is implemented by the GNOME devs then this should be automatically available to budgie (hopefully). This will auto scale stuff like the panel.

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example of what i had in mind:
I’d like to be able to adjust the icon to sit slightly hidden behind the active bar indicator when made big.
so like with no padding.
I’m totally fine with having say 10% of the icon be hidden,. so a way to dial this in or toggle on/off along with icon size slider.


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I read both topics and they quickly focus on Settings > Devices > Display for scaling the entire desktop/shell.

Is it possible to change a configuration file to only change the size of icons on the Panel, without effecting the rest of the UI?

edit: Budgie Desktop Settings > Panel > Settings allows you to change the size of the entire panel. Although the icons get slightly bigger, spacing gets bigger exponentially instead of linear, leading to huge spaces between the icons. Just a minor issue.

…when changing size of panels, icon size also change.

But icon size is « staged » not progressive ( at least on 19.10 )
→ from 16 to 36 px for panel width, icons are size 1
→ from 37 to 52 px, icon size 2
→ from 53 to 132 px, size 3
→ from 133 to 200 px, size 4.

There is no intermediate zooming for icons between each « stage ». Only their padding is adjusted.

Because of these for example, you can’t have size 3 icons in a 48 px width panel, yet it would fit.

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yes I noticed the stages, I choose 53 for that reason. The panel is now bigger than I want it to be, but the icons are of a good size. And on a WQHD resolution the bigger panel isn’t really an issue. Thanks!