How can I resize the icons in the dock(s)?

I am running Budgie 18.10 on a 1440p monitor. I’ve set text scaling to 1,25 which fixes most size-related issues, but the icons in the docks (left dock and top panel) are microscopic and I can’t find any way to set the size of them. Plz hlp.

In settings - displays you should have scaling options 1x and 2x.

For plank use menu - plank preferences to change the size of icons.

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Ah thank you very much. I could not find the name of the dock (plank) anywhere, so I appreciate it :slight_smile:

For the top panel. If I set scaling to 200%, everything gets too big for 1440p. I think this is more suited for 3000x2000 or 4k displays. It’s unfortuntate that there is no in-between (fractional scaling) such as in windows and macos.

Fractional scaling for xorg mutter is work in progress. GNOME devs haven’t yet successfully cracked it for Xorg so it isn’t yet available for GNOME Shell and budgie desktop.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. :+1:

If you interested in development follow this

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I have the same regarding the main dock. Is there some theme file that can be modified to change the icon size? There must be an option because of the icon animation: When the cursor hovers over them their size increases. There must be a property like IconSize that can be modified permanently.

Using dconf-editor solved it:

If you are referring to the plank dock look in the menu for plank preferences. You can set the size there.

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