Testing 19.10 - only for the most adventurous

Upgrade to from 19.04 is possible with the the sed command . Don’t use this on your daily user computer.

sudo sed -i 's/disco/eoan/g' /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade

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Thanks for everyone who replied. I made a clean installation in my laptop and for now I haven’t seen any bugs. I will continue using.

The only bug that I could see is the telegam desktop bug. I can’t quit it by the top notification bar. But in budgie 19.04 I had the same issue

I am testing here. Seems like have a bug on starting sometimes. Sometimes I can’t search at the budgie menu and need to restart. I will do more tests tot try to “documentate” after

I just must install the iso in USB? Like I do with ubuntu budgie iso?

Our Window Mover applet now appears correctly in a multimonitor setup. In the past, it would appear on the middle-bottom of the spanning monitors, invisible in many cases. Window Mover acts on the primary monitor.

To test add the eoan-test PPA (ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/eoan-test) and use the package sudo apt install budgie-window-mover-applet

Following on from AppIndicator Applet won't scale icons on top panel our appindicator applet now supports reducing its icon size when the panel size is reduced. This allows panel sizing down from around 40px to 30px.

In addition - this bad bad bad appindicators that show huge icons should now be displayed with normal sized icons.

Right click actions have been disabled to be consistent with normal budgie applets.

Just update on eoan to get v0.6.1 of budgie-indicator-applet

19.10 has been stable so far, no questions asked.
Wacom, nvidia and wifi drivers all present, Inkscape/Krita/Mypaint all work. Installation of multiple OTF fonts hasn’t crashed the OS. Storyboarder is very choppy, but I blame hardware limitations, not the OS. I can install .deb files, snaps, flatpaks. (There is still a bit of a hang opening snaps, well reported) Catfish works everytime. No crashes on waking from hibernation, the appindicator icons all seem to do what I expect, no surprises. Icons are all the expected size. Supertux kart is about the only thing this old machine might run – but it does! Smoothly :slight_smile: (Smoother than my video game driving, anyways)

So far it seems a dream. I have it installed on a C2D with 8gb ram and a spare SSD. I’ll try messing around with the different themes, see if something breaks. Next week, I’ll reinstall the minimal installation, see if it breaks and report back. What fun!

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Everyone who is rocking the experimental 19.10 and running chromium browser are being asking to help out testing https://community.ubuntu.com/t/call-for-testing-chromium-browser-deb-to-snap-transition/11179 … … feel brave!

This will help out your fellow 18.04 UB LTS chromium users who will need to be smoothly transitioned at some point.

Discuss your findings on the linked thread. cheers.

When installing the global menu a reboot is required to get the applet to appear on the list in desktop settings and another reboot is required to make the applet settings available. This occurred during the last testing cycle as well.

We have been busy looking at our budgie applets to make sure they work with 4K resolution monitors and screens.

Fancy testing our applets to find any 4K issues? This can be tested on 18.04, 18.10, 19.04 and 19.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
sudo apt upgrade

Install the applets via budgie-welcome or by looking for packages beginning with budgie-

hey all - today’s update (Wednesday June 19th, 2019) on 19.10 ate my weather/workspace switcher applets, and reset my top bar to default. I reset it and it survives reboot intact, but they were still considered installed when I went into the applet installer. Other than that, rock solid :slight_smile:

All applets and themes from disco should now have eoan (19.10) packages. Thus Menu - budgie-themes (assuming associated PPAs have eoan packages) + Menu budgie-applets should now work

Awesome! It’s been stable with all the updates since/so far – I’m on 5.0.0-17/QogirBudgie theme, everything’s working. Where do I recommend a different music player, not Rhythmbox?

Use a different thread for your rhythmbox query


Do you think fractal scaling (other than 100/200%) will exist in 19.10 Budgie, or will an answer be to continue to manipulate font sizing on higher res monitors?


fractional scaling is available in Ubuntu 19.04 - its an experimental option.

We’ll see if it gets polished for 19.10 - but if you want to try:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']"
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Ok, it’s an upstream enhancement “in progress”.


Testing the above experimental options for fractal scaling in 19.10 mentioned by fossfreedom for the last hour or so, and haven’t yet encountered any performance problems or issues.

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okay, today’s update (July 9th 2019) broke my wifi. Luckily I have an ethernet connection :slight_smile:

sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer b43-fwcutter

did the trick and the wifi is back online, but I was panicky for a moment. Linux kernel update to: 5.0.0-20-generic

I downloaded the 19.10 iso on 10 July and used it to install my my dual boot Thinkpad laptop. The installation went as expected and 19.10 appears to be very stable. However, this morning I tried launch windows 7 from the grub menu and I get the error “The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.” This machine has a SSD.

Done lots of dual boot machines and this is the first time I have seen this. I can fix this but wanted to give a heads up that the 19.10 installer may have a problem. And yes, I did update-grub on 19.10 and it did see Windows 7 partition.