File Copy From Phone via FTP hangs - doesn't do this on OpenSuSE leap 15.1

Trying to FTP copy a group of files about 12Gb total. The copy always hangs on repeated attempts between 400-500mb.
I have installed Nautilus and get the same result. Definitely does not do this on the other mentioned distro.

Hi and welcome.

This isnt a specific budgie issue it would be equally applicable to all ubuntu flavours.

As such a wider audience via and would be able to help.

Dont forget to say which version of ubuntu you are using I.e.18.04 / 19.04 together which kernel version you are using uname -a

It’s 19.10

Kernel: 5.3.0-19-generic

I will run up a vanilla ubuntu gnome just to be sure.

Thanks for the quick and polite reminders.


I think @fossfreedom meant to say the question is a better one on one of the general Ubuntu sites like ubuntuforums or askubuntu.