[How-To] Share files via NFSv4.2 within your network (with server-side filecopy!)

Budgie users can use the NFS protocol to share files within their network. As there is zero overhead, this is extremely fast, only limited by your hardware and cables.
Unfortunately, most if not all Linux systems by default use NFSv3.0 which comes with limitations, making its use quite limited, for example only useful for media players to play content from your server. With this guide, NFS becomes highly usable and favorable over SMB/SAMBA.

If you believe the difference between NFS and the common SAMBA protocol can be neglected, have a look at these results:

NFSv4.2 does not have any limitation and can be used just like SMB/SAMBA (Microsoft).
It was released in 2015 but requires a different configuration than 99% of all online how-tos.
I have spend lots of long nights figuring this out over the past few years and tonight I gave it another try and managed to get it working.

You will not find a single piece of documentation online explaining the required configuration for NFSv4.2

Biggest benefit of NFSv4.2:
Server-side file copy: if you are on your client device, and you move a 2GB file within the shared folder to a different location in the shared folder (e.g. subfolder), with NFSv3 and NFSv4.1 the file would first be copied (downloaded) to your client device and then copied to the subfolder (uploaded). Server-side-copy was introduced in NFSv4.2 among other useful features.

The following has been tested on a clean Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.1 and should not take more than 20min to set up.


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Hey @zilexa can you repost here or update your link? The link to your github is dead and I didn’t see it elsewhere. I’ve not been able to get server-side file copy to work.

Found it: Homeserver/filesystem/networkshares_HowTo-NFSv4.2 at master · zilexa/Homeserver · GitHub