Mounting synology NAS shares to Budgie

I’ve been trying to switch to budgie without any luck. Im fairly new to using Linux and could use some help.I’ve been using pop_os! for awhile and I’ve been able to mount my synology nas and use it with Plex with out much problem . For whatever reason when I follow this guide I’ve found (Mounting a Synology NAS Share in Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS using NFS | Accept Defaults) it mounts but Plex can’t see the NFS folder . I’m not sure why it only works in pop but not on any other flavor of Ubuntu or any other distro that has an Ubuntu base such as elementary or Ubuntu budgie. I use Plex and I need my Plex server to be able to see my NFS folder. My only guess and I could be totally wrong is how budgie handles permissions Help please id really like to understand where I’m going wrong as I really like to switch to budgie. Thanks

Hello @Finishure and thank you for testing out Budgie.

First thing, I believe there should not be a huge difficulty to get it to work. Why? pop_os! is based on Ubuntu, both use Gnome. Ubuntu Budgie uses the Budgie DE but it is also a GTK based DE which shares a lot of the Gnome stack, even if it does not use the Gnome Shell.

NFS is very much the standard file sharing protocol for Linux. It is old, and very reliable. I have been using it for many years and I never had any issue. Well, after I managed to set it up the right way. That can be a bit of a challenge at first.

First make sure you install NFS utilities and reboot: sudo apt install nfs-common

The guide you are following looks good. Mounting the NFS via fstab means it will become a permanent share on your system, and will also be considered as a local folder by your software, so I don’t see how Plex cannot see it. Please make sure you are not using a Flatpak or Snap version of Plex as it might create a bit more complications and if you can stick to a .deb it will be easier for you at this stage.
Flatpaks and Snaps might need extra commands to gain access to the file system and if you are new in Linux you might want to skip that for now.

Also not really related and not the answer you are looking for, but Plex runs really well on most Synology NAS boxes. I switched to different solution but I used to run Plex on my Synology directly and it worked like a charm, back in the day.

I hope this helps.

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I am not sure if this will help but…
I have WD NAS
I set up a share name of bob, public access is on.
User set to bob with password.

The fstab has /NAS/bob cifs credentials=/var/credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000,vers=2.0,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0

/var/credentials contains

You should treat NAS as a normal server, so only what you need to do is connect to NAS via ssh (sftp). If your NAS doesn’t have ssh you should be able to install it.
Then in Nautilus or Nemo or whatever select “go to server” and issue: ssh://192/ - after colon should be port of your ssh on NAS (the standard port is 22, but you should choose something else for security reason, and for that you need edit ssh_config)
After that you will see all your staff from NAS in your files. Go to directory you want and pin it.
That’s all.
If you see above too complicated you should try with samba or simply in good way mark right permission on NAS in shares folders if you want stick to NFS.
All of this is from my own experience, I had Synology, then Qnap, finally I removed their OS and now I have ubuntu on two my servers.