Mounting Network Drives

I have several Linux distros installed on my Linux only system. Linux Mint, MX Linux, and ubuntuBudgie which I’m quite fond of. My dilemma is that in ubuntuBudgie, my Raspberry NAS can be seen however when I try to access it, I get a message “Unable to mount location” “Hostname not known”. I don’t have this issue with my other distros and I am certain is an easy fix but I don’t have the answer. So Help Please.

Do you have nfs-common installed?
$ sudo apt install nfs-common

Thanks for the reply just installed it and it seems to have done the trick indirectly. I can go to windows network domain and find the Raspberry NAS and login. This is good but still baffled why I can’t log in directly from the Raspberry NAS icon I see in Network.