Other Locations in Files for SMB network connections

I’m connecting to multiple SMB servers - Samba servers, a NAS, Windows computers with shared directories - all multiple user IDs, multiple passwords, and the lack of Other Locations in Budgie’s file manager is a glaring omission, making it much less useful for working with SMB file servers. The “put a string in fstab” advice doesn’t get it. You should be able to quickly connect, enter your creds, and start using your SMB servers, just as you can with Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, other distros. Please, catch up Budgie!

Press Alt - to display the menu - the choose File - Connect To Server - in the type there are various server types you can connect to.

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I think what Victor asks is a kind of « single sub page » in Nemo to handle~host the remote resources.

It’s indeed quite the purpose of the « Other places » tab in Nautilus’ sidebar.

In Nemo, same goal might be achieved with « bookmarks » from remotely shared folder.

And Nemo is not a project led by Budgie but Mint/Cinnamon ( ? ) so worth trying to reach them.

That technique is what I needed to get by, thank you kindly.

I had become used to seeing 'Other Location’s in Nautilus while working elsewhere, my mistake. Much obliged, thank you.