FireFox Crashes on Budgie 20.04

In the 4 months that I have been on Budgie 20.04 FireFox has Frozen the system 5-6 times. Always with 6 or more tabs open. The freeze today locked the whole system and I had to power button it, which brought up BusyBox Fsck to get back in. I have used FIREfOX since before it was fox and version .71 thats pre version one. The only extensions are ublock, toggle javascript, readaloud. I am on version 108, but this has been doing it for 3 versions.
This laptop also has FossaPup 64-9.5 Linux with Firefox 108 and it runs with 20 tabs open no problem and never a crash.

Any thoughts on this will be greatly welcomed.

My Systen: Old but runs Budgie 20.04 Very smooth / 22.04 Would not boot from usb or install.

HP G60-458DX is a 15.6″ notebook PC with an Intel Pentium 2Ghz processor, T4200 Dual CORE. 4GB DDR2 Memory. Intel Graphics, 128gb SSD Drive RELEASE DATE 2009

Its worth creating a new profile to see if its a corrupt profile that is causing your issue

Multiple Firefox Profiles in Ubuntu :: Chris Jean.

Try not running with those extensions with the new profile … gradually introduce each extension after confirming that your freeze issues no longer occurs.

Thanks I did disable all extensions then added them back and ublock seemed to be the prob, The same extensions and same version no crash on FossaPup linux , on same laptop.

Thanks I will try the new profile. Thanks Pete

Well that was a real experience. Got the new profile, added in the extensions 1 by 1 and got the tabs up to 13 and no crash. So I guess it is a corrupt profile.
Thanks Guys