Gala Window Manager on Budgie

Installed Elementary’s Gala Window Manager on Budgie (Both Ubuntu 20.04 and Manjaro 20.01) using this guide : (

I have to say that it is the best implementation of Budgie. Very smooth and stable and excellent for multi-tasking.

However, there is a very small problem. The Logout, Restart & Shutdown buttons don’t work. Although these funtions work through terminal commands.

Any suggestions/solutions?

Thanks in advance.

well - I’m not surprised because those (and other bits) are tied to mutter and are part of the budgie-wm plugin. Since you’ve replaced it with another window manager those are gone.

You can try the logout/restart/shutdown menu options (just search for them). Otherwise you’ll need to implement something that is gala aware.

Any suggestions how i can do that. I would really like to use gala with budgie and this is the only thing that’s keeping me from doing it.

@razor64 Think an elementary- based forum is a better place to ask.