GalliumOS + Budgie DE support possible? (Chromebook support)

I was thinking of getting an Acer Chromebook Spin 13 (mostly because of the well calibrated screen with the rare 3:2 ratio), to run Budgie on it but after searching online I now realise it might not be possible.
The media writes a lot about the amazing Linux support of new Chromebooks and ChromeOS, but they only support running some Linux apps.

My laptop (or any pc) for home use has 1 basic requirement: it should run Budgie.

I understand GalliumOS runs on the Spin 13, but it uses Xubuntu/Xfce as base. Is there an easy way to install Budgie on it or would I bump into all sorts of issues?

I cannot imagine anyone that has experience with Budgie, would ever want GalliumOS…

I don’t know anything about GalliumOS and what they may have changed from base Ubuntu.

As such we do not support any downstream Ubuntu variants such as TuxedoOS, PopOS, Linux Mint or GalliumOS.

In theory you can install the base package budgie-desktop

Or you can install the full ubuntu budgie system via ubuntu-budgie-desktop … or the UB customisations + budgie desktop via budgie-desktop-environment