Ubuntu Budgie on Pi 3 Pinebook etc

There has been a bit of buzz in the blogosphere about linux on Arm based computers.

18.04.2 and its kernel is Pi 3 compatible. The vast majority of UB software has Arm based packages in the repositories.

Has anyone tried to install budgie desktop on a Pi 3 / Pinebook or similar?

What are your experiences? Any tips on how you went about installing?

I’m also curious about what the community thinks about having this as an option. Mostly to figure out if it’s worth it to invest some time into.

Have tried it before on a pi3. Worked, but slightly laggy. From a base ubuntu mate install.
Should work great with Pi 4 though :slight_smile:

this is true. But from what I have heard is that even with the extra ram, etc that the rpi 4 brings, the experience (as a desktop) leaves something to be desired.

It would likely need to be lightened up and optimized with the spec limitations in mind.

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