Ubuntu Budgie on RPI 4... Why did you do this to me? XD

A while back I learned about RPI compatible build of Ubuntu Budgie. I bought my first Raspberry PI and hooked to an old monitor via VESA mounts, outlined in my blog post here: All-In-One PC with Ubuntu Budgie and Raspberry PI | Ubuntu Budgie

And now, I am hooked. Low heat, low power, low noise. And still gets the job done. Even if I want to write articles, I just plug in my mechanical keyboard instead of the bluetooth one in the blog post. And WOW.

I got very powerful computers in the house. But this is the one that stays available and just chugs along with enough power to get things done. @samlane @fossfreedom I blame you two! Why did you do this to me? :laughing:

Jokes apart, Awesome work guys. I love it! :heart_eyes: