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Gaming on Ubuntu Budgie


Hey everyone!

With WINE getting better each day and the development of DXVK, I’ve been wondering, what kinds of games are you fan of?

What open source games would you like to see in snap marketplace? Note: Open Source implementation of Theme Hospital is available on snap

Are you using GOG? Would you like to see GOG Linux client?

What Linux Steam games are you currently playing?

Your feedback is important so that we could see what could be improved in regards to gaming on Ubuntu Budgie.


One other interesting thing… People are starting to snap up windows games with wine right in the snap. Easy install!! License/drm would be the main consideration


Hmm I didn’t know that. I though that they were doing that with Flatpak and AppImage.


Well, not the ones in the snap store… :grin:



I actually have Steam (native) installed and play CSGO, Mad Max and other titles that are natively supported on Linux via Steam. Unfortunately, titles such as PUBG I have to dual boot into Windows - I would love not having to do that despicable thing :slight_smile:


Using Wine 3.9 with Vulkan and DXVK 0.53

At the moment I’m currently testing Heroes of the Storm. Aside from the news being broken in the game client and the black background when entering the game, which should have animated model, everything works okay. Average FPS is around 35fps with some slowdowns here and there, but not that much. The game will sometime complain about the CPU usage with the icon located at the top right warning you about CPU usage. I believe that with the future builds of DXVK and Vulkan 1.1, which should be part of Wine now that MIT licensing issue has been solved, the game will be a lot more stable, but even now it is somewhat playable.

If you have any title you want to test feel free to ask me.